Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers



Innovation and Experimentation

Class and subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective  realized or not

Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.


Planning towards Academic Excellence links:

Class X + XII

To enable children to face the Board Exam with confidence & cope up with other challenges of growing up.

Students became cautious Target oriented in studies



Act Global Locally

All Classes

To sensitize the students as well as the society for environmental conservation

Students became aware of

  1. Global warming.
  2. Depletion of ozone layer
  3. Reforestation



Knowledge of Food Value links.
A lesson on “The party in School”
As per the lesson 3 types of dishes were
prepared in the class.
1st group Fruit Salad.
2nd group Lemonade
3rd group Aloo Chat.

Class V

To enable children to know about the food. Value of food they take.

Children became aware of
(a)    Harms of Junk Food.
(b)   Importance of Balanced Diet for propos growth.
(c)    Nutritional Value  of Food they consume

Mrs Kusum Lata          
Ms. Neelam Rani