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Tender Notifications


Kendriya Vidyalaya, NO.2. Sirsa (Haryana)

 Tender Notice for the session 2013-14

Open Tender Notice No. 01 of  2013-14

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Sealed Tenders/Qutations of the registered firms  are invited  by the experienced Authorised Dealers/Contractors  for the electrical maintenance work (Electrical Bus Bar and Panel Board) and supply of the electrical items like Flourescent Tube rod, Choke(ballast), Switch,D.P.,M.C.Bs,TPN,Wires,   S.S. combined, Socket,  Main Switch, etc. Electrical Spares required by the Vidyalaya. The  eligible firm(s) will be empaneled for  01 year from the date of award (ARC basis) /as and when  required  basis. Date and time of issue and submission of bids start  w.e.f. 05-08-2013 to 12-08-2013,Timings 11.00A.M. to 1.00 P.M. & Opening of tender will be done on 12--8-2013. Cost  of  tender   form:  Nil/-(Due to wide participation keeeping in view competitive and qualitative work ).

For more information visit Vidyalaya website:www.kv2sirsa.org


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